Burrito Bowl Recipe

Hi guys.

I know last week I did a recipe but I wanted to share this one as well. It’s a homemade burrito bowl. I think THM (trim healthy mama) calls it a yum bowl. I wanted to make my own after having Chipotle. I really like the one from there but sometimes you just can’t afford to buy out so I wanted to make my own.

This recipe is super easy and quick. The plus side is that it’s healthy too. I’m not one to count calories or carbs and with this I feel like you really don’t need to. It’s also really easy to adjust to what your family wants. One tip is that if you are watching your fat intake, if you add cheese you will want to skip on the avocado and vice versa.


So this is what you will need:

  • Brown rice
  • Black, Pinto, and Kidney beans
  • Cilantro
  • Lime juice
  • Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Frozen Corn
  • Salsa or hot sauce


Boil water with lime juice and add rice. Cook rice as directed. Rinse and drain beans and set aside. Cook corn in microwave or steam. Once rice is done, add a few shakes of cilantro and mix. Next, add beans and corn and mix well. If using cheese, serve in bowl, then top with cheese and microwave until cheese is melted. Then top with salsa or hot sauce. If skipping cheese, then cut avocado and top with salsa or hot sauce.

That’s it! Really simple and quick. It has become one of my most used “go-to” meals for sure. It’s pretty filling and like I said before I don’t count calories or carbs, I mostly just watch how much I’m eating. Let me know if you guys try it and if you do anything different. Thanks for stopping by!




Traveling With Makeup

Hey everyone!

I have a couple of trips I’m making this year to visit family and wanted to give a tip on how to save your makeup from falling apart while traveling. I get so worried about my makeup whether we are flying or driving, it’s ridiculous!

Usually when I’m visiting family I’m gone for about a week. Sometimes longer, so I end up packing a bunch of makeup.


(Kyle says this looks like a doctor’s bag or something. LOL)

So if you’re traveling and have compacts or single eye shadows what you can do to save them from crumbling on you is just using a cotton round or cotton balls!! It’s so easy and really works.


If your single eye shadows are kind of small, then you can cut the cotton ball in half, then place over the shadow and close shut.

036 037

For palettes, you can use multiple cotton rounds lined across the shadows. If palettes wont snap shut or if they wont close with a magnetic closure, you can always tape it shut.

025026 027 (2)

This really helps if you’ve got expensive makeup that you’re worried about shattering.

Let me know how you travel with you’re makeup. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow and subscribe! Thanks.



Drug Store Face Of The Day

Hi guys!

The other day I did my makeup and thought that I would do a sort of “face of the day” about what I used. I stuck to drugstore products so if anyone wanted to buy what I used they would have an easier time. I am thinking about doing a high end “face of the day” though too…but for now it’s all drug store.

006 (2)

So this is how it turned out. My lipstick isn’t picking up on the camera, it was actually more pink in person and I have to say that after using some of my high end makeup products I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how this turned out. I have oily/combo skin so some parts I felt like was cakey and not laying on my skin well. I did wash and exfoliate and used a good moisturizer before applying my makeup so I’m not sure if it was the foundation or what. Everything I used are products that I really like and usually work well so maybe I was just having an off day…Oh! And this is not a sponsored post. I just really love makeup.

007 (2)

The first thing I used is the tone adjusting E.L.F Mineral Face Primer


Then for foundation I used the L’Real True Match Lumi Foundation in W1-2 porcelain to light ivory. I know that this foundation is better for dry or combo skin but even though I am oily/combo I like dewy finishes better.


I used the E.L.F Concealer/Highlight duo in fair for under my eyes

020 (2)

Next I did my eye brows using the NYX eyebrow cake powder in 03 Taupe/Ash. I do use both shade in this little palette most of the time. The lighter shade for the first part of my eyebrows then the darker shade for the tail end and just blend. 018 (2)

Then to set my eyebrows I use the E.L.F eyebrow gel

019 (2)

To set everything I like to use a powder foundation just for extra coverage. I like full coverage foundations most of the time so if I feel like the foundation didn’t do as well as I wanted it to then I got in with a powder foundation. I just use the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in 02 Nude. I love this one!

017 (2)

I like to add bronzer next. So for this look I just used the NYC bronzing powder in 720A Sunny. I love this bronzer. I feel like it’s a dupe for benefit’s Hula bronzer, which I really love!


I had seen this blush online but couldn’t find it anywhere since our Target stopped selling the Milani brand and I had been wanting to find it without buying it online. I ended up finding it at CVS recently and have been loving it. It’s the Milani powder blush in 08 Tea Rose. I love Milani. I have the baked blushes in three colors and this one is just as good. It’s so pigmented and I feel like you get a lot of product for your money.


For a highlight on top of the cheek bones I used Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow and Mood Boosting Powder in Translucent. I don’t usually buy this brand because I feel they are over priced for the drug store but I was given a gift card so I went ahead and tried it and I really like it.

016 (2)

Sticking with Milani, for my eyes I used the Bella gel eye shadows. They don’t feel like gel to me but I love them. The ones I have are #16 Bella Champagne (shimmer finish), 04 Bella Café (satin matte finish), and 03 Bella Cappuccino (satin matte finish).  (post pic) then I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in 005 nude for my lower lash line. I like to use a skin toned eyeliner for this most of the time because it just helps you look more awake. You can use a white eyeliner too. That will help make the whites of your eyes appear whiter.


To curl my lashes I just used an eye lash curler that I got with my Ipsy bag. I don’t know the name of it but it’s pretty good. Then I just used the Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express mascara. It took me a while to get used to the wand on it since it is more of that flimsy plastic type wand. I don’t really like those kind but the formula makes it worth it.


For my lips I used three products. I first lined and filled in my lips using Rimmel Exaggerate Full Coverage lip liner in 063 Eastend Snob. Like I said in a previous post I love pinky nude lips. So this is a really good pink for that. Then I used Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in 002 Pink Pout, which I’ve heard can be a dupe for MAC’s lipstick in Snob. I don’t have that color so I’m not sure. Then I topped it with L’Oreal Paris #218 Rose Elixer Colour Riche Balm.

010 009 008

Then to set everything I used the E.L.F makeup Mist and Set setting spray. I don’t have any of the high end setting sprays other than some rose water I got with my face wash stuff but this one works great!


So, that’s everything. I hope this gives you some ideas on what to try from the drug store. I got most of them from Target and then like I said I found Milani at CVS. Everything is fairly inexpensive. Let me know if you have any of these products and if you like them. Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to keep up with my latest posts. Thanks!



Yellow Curry Chicken Recipe

Hey guys.

Today I wanted to post this recipe I just tried. It was pretty good and I feel like it was on the healthier side of tasty meals. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a THM (trim healthy mama) meal or if it’s not plan approved but if you want to give it a try, it’s pretty good. So what I made was yellow curry chicken. I’ve never been big on curry so this was new and different for me to try and to make on my own. It may not be true to how it’s supposed to be made but it didn’t turn out too bad. I actually liked it. So here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chicken breasts
  • Yellow Curry sauce
  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Coconut oil or butter


We got the chicken from Costco, brown rice and veggies from Winco, Coconut oil from Cost plus world market but you can find it pretty much anywhere now, and the yellow curry sauce from Fresh and Easy but Trader Joe’s also has it.


  • Thaw chicken breasts if frozen. Then cut into bite size pieces.
  • In skillet, add enough coconut oil to cover the bottom then add the chicken pieces and cook until there’s no pink in the middle. Once chicken is done you may want to drain the liquid from the skillet.
  • Cut onions however you like then add to skillet with your peas and carrots. I just used a mixture from the frozen section from the store. It might be easier if you get the kind that you cook in the microwave and cook as directed on the bag, then add to the skillet if you’re short on time. Otherwise the peas and carrots may take a while to cook. Cover skillet and let simmer until veggies are done.
  • Once veggies are done, pour curry sauce over everything, stir and simmer and let sauce thicken.

I tried making this a one pan dinner but if that doesn’t work for you then you can cook everything separately then in a large bowl mix everything together and serve. You can also serve with rice. I made a rice medley that we got from Trader Joe’s and it was really good. I also made roasted baby golden potatoes. But you can make whatever your family likes. If you want it spicy you can add hot sauce to it too. I’m not big on spice so I just added some pepper. I don’t cook a lot with salt but you can add salt to it too.

It turned out pretty good in my opinion so if you’re looking for something new or different that you usually don’t make then I would give this a try. It was filling and there was plenty of left overs. Kyle took some to work and shared with a couple of co workers that said they liked it as well. So that’s always a plus!

Let me know if you try this and if you did anything different. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe! Thanks.



Detox and Relax Bath

Hi everyone!

A while back I was looking for an easy way to detox and relax at the same time. I read a lot about adding Epsom salt to your bath water along with other things. I have never tried that because it says to only soak for 20 minutes and that kind of seemed odd to me. So I found a different way to detox in the bath. I found a blog post on it and I gave it a try. All you need is some green tea bags. I’m not sure if it really matters if it’s decaf or not. I just got mine at the grocery store so you don’t need to go out of your way to get any special kind. So this is the blog I found it on. http://www.heymcki.com/2013/01/herbal-detox-teagreen-tea.html


(These are the two different green teas that I have used)

I used 8 tea bags and added them while the water was running. You can use between 5 to 10 if you’d like, but 8 was good for me. I also left the tea bags in with me but I don’t think you have to. Green tea is so good for you but I never thought it would be so relaxing. I did this in a time that I was really stressed and it totally made me want to fall asleep right then and there. It would have been even better if I had lit some candles but this was so soothing. I highly recommend it if you’re just looking for some time to unwind or if you are super stressed out. I came out feel so calm and refreshed.

You can also apply green tea to your hair and it will sooth dandruff, reduce hair loss and increase hair growth (according to info I’ve found online). I’ve tried it a couple of time but didn’t notice a big change so I think it works over a period of time.

I love taking this bath though and then doing a face mask. It’s a great way to unwind and just have time to pamper yourself.

I hope you get to try this and enjoy a nice relaxing night. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me to keep up with my latest posts. Feel free to leave me a comment as well. Thanks for stopping by.



What I Got In My Ipsy Bag

Hi guys.

I wanted to talk about the monthly subscription to Ipsy. I’ve been asked a few times what it is and what you get and if it’s worth it. So I thought I’d talk about it here!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty bag. It’s $10 a month and I think it’s totally worth it. I think there was only a couple of time where I wasn’t super excited with the items I received and I’ve had it for a couple of years now.

When you first sign up, you take a little quiz. It just asks you a few questions like what color is your hair, eye color, skin tone…what you’re in to. Those kind of things. It’s a fun short quiz.

This months bag I thought was fun. Keep in mind that there are some brands you may be unfamiliar with but it’s fun to give them a try.


First, a great thing about signing up is that every month you get a cute bag with your five samples.

This month I got a mini lip and cheek tint from the company Mullein & Sparrow. I’ve never heard of that company but on the little tin it says that they are vegan and organic. The color looks super dark but when applied it’s more of a light pink. It says it can be used for the cheeks but I’m not too sure about that. When you use your finger to apply, the warmth of your body kind of melts it and it feels a little more greasy. So I don’t think I will be using it for my cheeks.

Then, there is an eye primer from the company MicaBeauty. I’ve never heard of this brand outside of Ipsy. They have used this brand a few times. Their stuff has been pretty decent though. I haven’t used this primer yet other than swatching it and applying an eye shadow on it just to see how it looked but it seemed like it was going to be good.

This product I have heard of and always wanted to get something from them so I am super excited about this. It’s theBalm  Cosmetics NUDE Dude eye shadow. This eye shadow is so pretty. I feel like it’s the perfect shade of brown to compliment blue eyes. It’s nice and pigmented with a slight shimmer. It’s so pretty.

I also got a face moisturizer. It’s from the company Lather. I’ve never used anything from them and have yet to use this face lotion since I really love the skin care products I’m currently using. It says this lotion is for normal to oily, combination or sensitive skin. It has borage and grape seed oils which make the lotion especially effective for damaged or problem skin. Its gentle and non-irritating and paraben- free. So it sound like it will be nice.

I was really excited about this last item just because it looks like a full size rather than a sample size. It’s the Hikari Cosmetics blush in Tango. In person it looks more coral pink than bright pink. It’s super pigmented so I would use a light hand.

I was really happy with the products I received this month. I think it is totally worth the $10 a month. When you look online and see how much each thing actually costs, most of the time it’s over $70 worth. So, if you’re new to makeup or just wanted to try different brands without spending the full price then this would definitely be something to try. You can sign up for the monthly subscription or I believe a 3 month or 6 month and I think there is an option to purchase a whole years worth at once instead of being charged every month. You can also cancel at any time. So if you try for a couple of moths and aren’t happy with it, there is that option.

I hope this helped and inspires you to try something new. Thanks for stopping by.



Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Just a warning: this post talks about the female reproductive system.

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk about PCOS. I had this huge thing written out already, talking about my story so far but decided to delete all of it because to be honest, while I would love to let everyone know what we have been through so far, I just feel like I need to make this post be more about PCOS and fact. And to be really honest, I was getting really emotional and frustrated thinking about what we have dealt with.

So, first of all, if you are unaware of what PCOS is, it’s Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. An ovary condition that prevents you to not ovulate or lessens your chances of ovulation. A big problem for those that want to have babies. A huge problem for those of us who have a desperate need to become a mom.

Ok I can’t write this post without getting a little more personal….

I have wanted to be a mother for as long as I can remember. Like, since I was just a little kid playing with my dolls. It is my hearts deepest desire. More than anything else in this world, with every ounce of my being, there is nothing I want more for myself. I was first diagnosed with PCOS a little over a year ago. I have always had irregular cycles, ever since starting my period. What I mean by that is that from my very first period, I have not had a normal period. In the beginning I would have one every four months up until the age of seventeen. Then it was a consistent, non stop bleeding. I couldn’t tell where my actual period started or ended. I have done in total, three rounds of clomid which did not work. We didn’t have a very good experience with the doctor that I was seeing so we decided to try on our own with our new information. While still seeing that doctor, I had my tubes checked and LOTS of polyps removed, which I am thankful for and could not have done without Kyle or my family but most of all God. If any of you would like to know everything that we went through and what brought us to the decision of taking matters into our own hands then leave a comment and let me know if you want me to do a separate post on that.

So as I said before, PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. An ovary condition that makes you not ovulate or lessens your chances of ovulation. In most women it causes:

  • Irregular periods- for some, they may not have one, or they may have bleeding all the time.
  • Facial hair! Yeah that’s not fun
  • Obesity
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease

Some scary stuff there right? There could be more but those were the ones that popped up more while researching. There is no cure for PCOS and not much information on what causes it. It is a genetic condition and what is surprising about that is that I found out that women are not the only carriers! So before you go and get all upset with your mom or whatever, your dad could have been the one to pass it along to you! I was shocked to find that out.

So like I said before I tried clomid and it didn’t work. For some women it does but most insurance companies will only pay for so many rounds then it’s off to more expensive options. So if you don’t have the money for those, or you just want to take control of your symptoms, or if you’re not wanting to use western medicine, I have a few tips on how to take control of your health.

**This is not a cure, quick way to pregnancy, nor am I a doctor or anything like that. This is just what me and my husband decided to do and what has been working for us. AND I have yet to get pregnant!**

First thing I want to let people know is that if you are overweight, you need to take steps in taking control of that. I found a great blog that you can check out that gives you a grocery list to stick to.  www.pcosdietsupport.com I have also found that sticking to the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle has helped out so much. So I would give those both a look at. The second thing you need to start doing is taking vitamins. These are what I have been taking:


  • Folic acid: 400mcg- one tablet a day. This is good to take even if you aren’t pregnant yet.
  • Zinc: 50mg- I take 2 caplets a day.
  • Omega-3: 1000mg- I take 2 of these a day. Omega 3 is important. Most women in general are lacking in this. This also may reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease as well. If you like fish then you can just eat more fish instead of taking the supplement. I don’t like it so I take these.
  • Vitex Fruit Vitamin: 400mg- most doctors are unfamiliar with this one as I recently found out that it is a Chinese herb. Take as directed on the bottle.

I got the folic acid and zinc at target and walmart. The omega 3 I got at costco and you can find Vitex fruit vitamin on amazon. I fully believe that eating healthier and taking these vitamins are helping as I have recently had my first normal period. A clear indication of my first day and last day!

Other things to try: If you like tea- spearmint tea, dandelion root tea, and raspberry tea. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones I have tried. Try to get the organic version of each of these teas.

You want to keep that in mind as well. The more organic you go the better. There are things I buy that aren’t but that’s just what was in most research. Also grass-fed meats. And get those dark leafy veggies. Broccoli is a main one that has popped up as well.

Along with eating healthier, you are going to want to add some exercise. One thing I did find out is that most women with PCOS can not only gain weight easier, but we can build muscle quicker. So if you don’t want to get all buff then stick to more cardio and light weights. Keep in mind that most women also have a harder time losing weight. So you want to exercise and keep at it but don’t overexert yourself and mix it up to keep your body from forming habit.

There is so much information out there guys. I would love to list everything on here to make it way easier on those that are seeking help. But these are the things that have helped me.

The biggest piece of advice for anyone is, don’t give up. There are going to be days where you struggle and just get so frustrated. But there is hope. I fully believe that God gives us the desires of our hearts. He isn’t going to give you this dream and need for nothing. There may be setbacks, but if you just pray and ask God to guide you, He will. He’s not going to turn His back on you or leave you to figure it out on

your own. He loves you more than anyone ever could. I believe God led us to my doctor so that I could get my procedures done. I needed to have those things done. I got answers to questions I had for many years. For that I am grateful for her but I also believe God led us to be done with her. There is only so much doctors can do, the rest is up to God.

I really hope with all my heart that this gives you peace. There is no greater comfort than resting in God’s peace.

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this long post! I pray for you all, that God will give you your hearts deepest desires.