Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

Hey guys!  Today is MAKEUP MONDAY!!!!

My first makeup Monday is going to be about the Jaclyn Hill palette from Morphe cosmetics. Now if you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is you need to go over to youtube.com and type her name in. She is wonderful! She is a makeup artist that used to work for MAC cosmetics. She does lots of wonderful makeup tutorials, reviews, and monthly favorites.

Be sure to subscribe to her videos! She’s amazing.


Anyway, She teamed up with Morphe cosmetics and picked out her favorite color eye shadows and they made it into a palette! AMAZING right?!


It was so difficult to get my hands on this palette but all thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to get one on the first time they put it out. I guess the Morphe website had gotten hacked and they were having so many issues. I tried for a long time on my own before asking my husband for help. I literally wanted to throw my computer out the window because I didn’t know what the problem was at the time.

So I got my hands on this wonderful palette and I am so happy I did.


The eye shadows are absolutely amazing. They are so buttery! The pigmentation is wonderful and they are very blendable.


1st row (left to right): ES4, ES54, ES6, ES76, ES64, ES14, ES75


2nd row (left to right): ES67, ES13, ES62, ES63, ES20, ES47, ES66


3rd row (left to right): ES33, ES68, ES16, ES15, ES61, ES24, ES74


4th row (left to right): ES11, ES59, ES38, ES53, ES48, ES71, ES19

These eye shadows are so beautiful.

AND the size of each eye shadow (omg) you get so much product!

I was going to list my top favorite colors but realized I just couldn’t. I love them all so much.

The only downside to this palette is that I don’t think they sell it anymore. They had so many problems the first time they were trying to sell it but they were planning on bringing it back in February but Im not sure they did that. I recently checked the website and this is what they say:


The Jaclyn Hill Palette sold out January 3, 2015. Because we are manufacturing a larger quantity, we expect to put this palette up for sale again very soon. There are no further details available by phone, chat or by email and we ask that you please follow us on Instagram for the latest updates and news about this amazing palette.”

You may be able to find it on ebay if you can’t find it anywhere else. Or if you cant wait then maybe you can try to build your own palette using the list of colors/numbers I’ve listed below each swatch picture. The eye shadows are only $2 each!! That is such a great deal for what you are getting. Trust me!

So I hope this helped and I hope if and when they sell it again you are able to get your hands on it too!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to subscribe to be notified when I have my next post!!




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