Quick Tip Tuesday

Hey everyone. Today is Quick Tip Tuesday!

I just recently found this gem and tried it out for myself. You can use it when you have a cold, whether it’s the first signs of a cold or one that has been around for a couple of days, this tip will definitely help you feel better.

The Tip: Using 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ears!

I know it sounds a little weird and scary but trust me it works! A couple of years back I had gotten sick and tried everything to get rid of my cold but it wouldn’t go away and just got worse. I had a horrible cough and sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, you name it I had it. I finally went to the doctors and turned out my cold had turned into a bronchial infection! Yeah not fun. Thankfully with the right meds it cleared up in a short amount of time but ever since then when I get sick, I catch it quicker and it lasts longer than anyone else. It’s so annoying.

So one day I was on Pinterest looking for home remedies and I came across a blog that suggested using hydrogen peroxide.  You can click the link and it should bring you to her blog:


So, when I got sick recently I remembered that blog post and decided to try it. I had my cold for about 2 days at the time. You have to make sure that the peroxide is 3% as that is the safest one to use. You can even add it to your toothpaste and it will help whiten your teeth!


What you will need:

3% hydrogen peroxide

Paper towel or wash rag

Medicine dropper or the cap to the bottle


And a timer

If you’re using a medicine dropper, fill it about ¼ of the way. If you’re using the cap to the bottle, fill it just under half of the cap. I don’t have a medicine dropper so I just used the cap. You basically just want to fill your ear. All you do is tilt your head to the side, fill your ear and then you can lay down on your side (that was easier for me) and start a timer for 5 minutes. If you are well into your cold then I would leave it in for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, place paper towel or wash rag over your ear and tilt your head the opposite way to let the peroxide drain. You can use the q-tip to dry the inside of the ear a little but always be sure not to go too far. Then repeat on other ear. You want to do this about every couple of hours. I did this and the next day I was feeling much better. I’ve tried other medicines like Dayquil and Nyquil and Tylenol cold and cough and they would work at first but then stop. I’ve tried the peroxide way both times I’ve been sick so far this year and it has worked better than any other medicine. I have also tried this on my husband and it took his cold right away. We did it when he first got sick so I think that’s why it worked quicker on him than me.

A little side not: it does bubble and may cause some discomfort at first but as you do it the less it bubbles. My right ear had more bubble/popping sound than my left and by the time I started feeling better both ears had little to no popping. You can use this on your kids as well. They may not like it but it will make them feel better. If you’re scared to do the full 5 minutes on the kiddos then you can do it for 2-3 minutes or whatever you feel more comfortable with.

So, there it is. I hope this helped and gives you something to try the next time you’re sick. Feel free to leave a comment or if you have any questions I will do my best to answer. Don’t forget to sign up for more beauty, tips, and health posts!

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