How To Be A Little Healthier

Hi guys. Today is Wellness Wednesday.

I want to talk about eating healthier and how easy it is to make small changes.  Me and my husband, Kyle, decided we needed  to make changes but everything we tried doing didn’t seem to really be working. We would start trying and then feel defeated and give up. I had gone to the doctor and got a little scared when I was told I was borderline pre diabetic. I was having pain in feet every time I stood up or when I woke up and got out of bed. I didn’t know that was a sign of being diabetic. I knew my triglyceride count was a little high and they just told me to kind of watch my carbs. That is really hard to do being that I LOVE my carbs. I absolutely love pasta and bread! And it doesn’t help that Kyle is Italian. On top of eating too many carbs I had a horrible addiction to soda. Mostly Pepsi and then Dr.Pepper. I’m talking first thing I drank in the morning was soda. It was really bad.

Then Kyle had his doctor appointment and found that he needed to be on blood pressure meds and that his triglycerides were high as well and was put on meds for that. He’s been on those for a couple of years now. We didn’t really give any serious thought to the way we were eating until we started trying to get pregnant. I was diagnosed with PCOS. (My next Wednesday post will be on PCOS)

So, we weren’t given a whole lot of information. We weren’t told that our eating habits played a part in anything and being that I am overweight I thought it was a little odd that my doctor wasn’t in the least bit concerned about that. I always read that if you are overweight that could lead to some fertility problems.

After that we wanted to get more serious about getting our weight under control. I heard that my mom had been losing a bunch of weight and found out that she was doing Trim Healthy Mama. I had heard about that before but thought that it was just another fad that wasn’t going to work for me but after hearing all the great things about it, I thought “why not?” So, I started asking questions and learning a little about it. There is a learning curve to it but once I got the hang of what works for me and Kyle it’s actually way easy.  We started in December and we have both lost about 20 pounds each. We probably would have lost more but we do “cheat” sometimes. Since changing the way we eat, I no longer have pain in my feet or sugar spikes, which I think is due to getting to eat small meals every 3 hours. I have lots more energy and actually want to get out and do more. We are waiting to hear back from Kyle’s doctor to see if he still needs his meds but we are hoping he doesn’t. We still have a long way to go but for the first time I feel confident that we can accomplish our goals.


It has helped that we are making it more about being healthy rather than the scale being a certain number. I’m down one size in my jeans and feel more comfortable in my clothes. There is a lot of information out there so if you are interested in trying Trim Healthy Mama you should check out their website where you can buy their book and other things you might need to start. Then you can check out their Facebook page where lots of people post their recipes which helps give you ideas if you’re struggling with what to make. I looked up recipes on Pinterest too. It makes it easier too knowing that you get to still eat yummy stuff and be healthy but if you’re hesitant to dive right in, you can start small and just change out a couple of ingredients. Instead of using white rice use brown instead. Little things like that make a big difference. That’s what we did to start and it’s been going really well. We are just finding out what works for us. That’s a key thing to remember, what works for one person may not work for another. It’s all about catering to your body. Some people lose weight quicker than others and that’s ok. For us it’s about being healthy not weighing a certain amount. I really feel like this is the best way to start making better choices. I hope this gives you some inspiration to get on the right track. Remember that it takes time but push through it and don’t give up hope. You can do it!

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4 thoughts on “How To Be A Little Healthier

  1. I’m so happy to hear that this new eating style is helping both you and Kyle to become healthier from the inside out! One of the things I love about the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle is that even if you do “mess up” or have a cheat meal, that you can just wait three hours and then get back on plan. Unlike any other plan I’ve tried (and believe me, I’ve tried them all!), this way of eating allows you lots and lots of grace! Keep us posted on what Kyle’s doctor says! That’s so exciting to hear! I’ll be praying that he’ll get some amazing news from his doctor! Just remember though, some of these changes going on inside our bodies takes time, so even if he can’t go off those meds now, just keep up the great work and he’ll get there! I love you both very much and am so very proud of you! Great blog sweetheart! mom

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  2. Kristy, I am so proud of you for taking the steps to become healthier. You will find it to be an amazing journey, especially since you are doing it together, as husband and wife. You didn’t mention exercising and that is another important part of being successful. Every little step counts. I would like to be here for you as your aunt, your biggest fan. Your uncle David and I love you very much and I look forward to hearing more about your weight loss adventure. I call it a lifestyle change, because as you know with fads, we tend to backslide to old habits. Eating healthy is easy once you get the hang of it. I love to roast vegetables with most every meal. It’s quick, easy and delicious! (even your uncle David likes them lol) Love you!


    • Thanks. Its been awesome for us doing this together. I do light exercises but am limited because of my PCOS. Certain ones can cause symptoms for flare up. I do light weights and go for walks. But its been great so far. I love roasting veggies too. Love you guys and thanks for the support. Hope you guys are doing well.


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