What I Got In My Ipsy Bag

Hi guys.

I wanted to talk about the monthly subscription to Ipsy. I’ve been asked a few times what it is and what you get and if it’s worth it. So I thought I’d talk about it here!

Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty bag. It’s $10 a month and I think it’s totally worth it. I think there was only a couple of time where I wasn’t super excited with the items I received and I’ve had it for a couple of years now.

When you first sign up, you take a little quiz. It just asks you a few questions like what color is your hair, eye color, skin tone…what you’re in to. Those kind of things. It’s a fun short quiz.

This months bag I thought was fun. Keep in mind that there are some brands you may be unfamiliar with but it’s fun to give them a try.


First, a great thing about signing up is that every month you get a cute bag with your five samples.

This month I got a mini lip and cheek tint from the company Mullein & Sparrow. I’ve never heard of that company but on the little tin it says that they are vegan and organic. The color looks super dark but when applied it’s more of a light pink. It says it can be used for the cheeks but I’m not too sure about that. When you use your finger to apply, the warmth of your body kind of melts it and it feels a little more greasy. So I don’t think I will be using it for my cheeks.

Then, there is an eye primer from the company MicaBeauty. I’ve never heard of this brand outside of Ipsy. They have used this brand a few times. Their stuff has been pretty decent though. I haven’t used this primer yet other than swatching it and applying an eye shadow on it just to see how it looked but it seemed like it was going to be good.

This product I have heard of and always wanted to get something from them so I am super excited about this. It’s theBalm  Cosmetics NUDE Dude eye shadow. This eye shadow is so pretty. I feel like it’s the perfect shade of brown to compliment blue eyes. It’s nice and pigmented with a slight shimmer. It’s so pretty.

I also got a face moisturizer. It’s from the company Lather. I’ve never used anything from them and have yet to use this face lotion since I really love the skin care products I’m currently using. It says this lotion is for normal to oily, combination or sensitive skin. It has borage and grape seed oils which make the lotion especially effective for damaged or problem skin. Its gentle and non-irritating and paraben- free. So it sound like it will be nice.

I was really excited about this last item just because it looks like a full size rather than a sample size. It’s the Hikari Cosmetics blush in Tango. In person it looks more coral pink than bright pink. It’s super pigmented so I would use a light hand.

I was really happy with the products I received this month. I think it is totally worth the $10 a month. When you look online and see how much each thing actually costs, most of the time it’s over $70 worth. So, if you’re new to makeup or just wanted to try different brands without spending the full price then this would definitely be something to try. You can sign up for the monthly subscription or I believe a 3 month or 6 month and I think there is an option to purchase a whole years worth at once instead of being charged every month. You can also cancel at any time. So if you try for a couple of moths and aren’t happy with it, there is that option.

I hope this helped and inspires you to try something new. Thanks for stopping by.




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