Traveling With Makeup

Hey everyone!

I have a couple of trips I’m making this year to visit family and wanted to give a tip on how to save your makeup from falling apart while traveling. I get so worried about my makeup whether we are flying or driving, it’s ridiculous!

Usually when I’m visiting family I’m gone for about a week. Sometimes longer, so I end up packing a bunch of makeup.


(Kyle says this looks like a doctor’s bag or something. LOL)

So if you’re traveling and have compacts or single eye shadows what you can do to save them from crumbling on you is just using a cotton round or cotton balls!! It’s so easy and really works.


If your single eye shadows are kind of small, then you can cut the cotton ball in half, then place over the shadow and close shut.

036 037

For palettes, you can use multiple cotton rounds lined across the shadows. If palettes wont snap shut or if they wont close with a magnetic closure, you can always tape it shut.

025026 027 (2)

This really helps if you’ve got expensive makeup that you’re worried about shattering.

Let me know how you travel with you’re makeup. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow and subscribe! Thanks.




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