Mini Makeup Haul

Hey everyone.

I have a mini drugstore haul for you all today. I went to target and ulta recently in search for the NYX HD Concealers and found a couple more things as well. They are all MY things except for one. So the first thing I will talk about is the concealers.

There has been some talk about them being great so I wanted to try them. I got them specifically for contouring. So I got one that is lighter than my actual skin tone for under my eyes and all the other areas I want to high light and then I got one that is SUPER dark for my skin tone.


There are a couple of things that I like about them and pretty much only one thing I found I didn’t care for. So, I like that these did what I wanted them to do. Which was to brighten under my eyes and high light certain parts of my face. I love that when they have a piwder finish! The only thing is that if you have some dry areas it will cling to it. I didn’t exfoliate before using these and around my nose they got a little cakey. If you’re looking for a decent concealer for a good price I would recommend these for sure.

The next thing I got was the NYX mascara in Le Frou Frou.


I have to say I really love this one.I’ve had a different mascara from NYX and I liked that one but the brush on that one was that plastic applicator and I’m not big on those. So this one has a bristle applicator and it applies so smoothly. It lengthens and gives awesome volume!

I also picked up 2 lip liners. I feel like these ones are just a really good item to have. They apply smooth and are pretty pigmented. I love wearing these as a lipstick with lip gloss on top. The top one is in the color Rose and the bottom one is in Pale Pink.


The last item I picked up is from target. It’s the new E.L.F. blush quad palette.


I don’t know the names of each color but these are so great. They are super pigmented. I feel like the single blushes are kind of chalky but these feel so smooth. Each color has great payoff. This one is in light and they have another one in dark.

So those are my recent purchases. I’m really happy with the way each product has worked. If you have any of these let me know how you like them! Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe. Feel free to leave me comments.




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