Benefits Of Walking

Hey everyone.

I wanted to talk about the benefits of walking. I’m not a runner at all so I always feel like getting in a good walk always makes me feel better. I’ve always struggled with my weight and on top of that didn’t like to exercise and sweat. When I did want to exercise I would just take our dog for a walk. So I did that for a while and found that I was starting to lose weight. That made me happy but once again my laziness won me over.


Now that Kyle and I are eating better, I have found that I have more energy and that makes me want to go hiking and walking and do lots more outdoor stuff. I still have my lazy moments but I have been finding that now, when I start to feel tired, that’s when I get up and do something. That helps a lot too.


These are some of the benefits I have found through research and through some personal experience:

  • Boosts Endorphins- easing stress, tension, anger, fatigue and confusion in ten minutes
  • Reduces glaucoma risk. (You should always protect your eyes when going outside)
  • Limits sickness by halving odds of catching a cold
  • Halves Alzheimer’s disease risk over 5 years
  • Improves heart health by increasing heart rate and circulation
  • Works arm and shoulder muscles
  • Engages ab muscles
  • Improves blood pressure by 5 points
  • Builds bone mass, reducing risk of Osteoporosis
  • Limits colon cancer by 31% for women
  • Strengthens legs, including quadriceps, hip flexors, and hamstrings
  • Improves balance, preventing falls
  • Burns more fat than jogging

I’m not sure about the last one but that’s what a lot of things have said when I was doing research. You also always want to make sure that even when walking you need to stay hydrated. I have found most of these to be true, especially relieving stress and it helps to clear your mind. I’m sure there are lots more benefits but these were the top ones that I found. So I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.




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