Lorac Pro Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys!

I wanted to do a little tutorial today. I didn’t want to do a full face makeup of the day type of thing since it’s been hot and I don’t want to sit with foundation on my skin. Lately I have been into the romantic pink shades of eye shadow. Today’s tutorial will be on this eye look:


I did this look with the first Lorac Pro palette. You can totally just use whatever you have and just try matching the shades the best you can. It’s really simple.


So first, you want to prime your lids with an actual primer or just some concealer. Using a fluffy blending brush, the first color I used is the second shade on the top row called cream. I just used this as a base and put that all over my lid blending upward towards my eyebrows.

Then using the shade right next to that is taupe. With the same fluffy blending brush place taupe right in the crease, starting in the outer corner of your eye and blending that out towards your inner corner. This shade will be the transition shade. I used the fluffy blending brush for most of the colors just so I could keep the eye shadows nice and soft.

So again, using that same brush, I used the shade mauve. That color is the 5th shade from the left on the top row. Place that shade all over the lid blending up into your crease but not going any higher than that. Make sure to blend mauve into the taupe color.

Then, taking a small flat brush, I used a setting spray to get the brush wet. If you don’t have any setting spray water will work as well. So using a damp flat brush I went into the color champagne. That is the second shade from the left on the bottom row. I placed that shade all over the lid, keeping most of the color in the middle and inner corner of my eye.

Going back to the fluffy brush, I used the color espresso, the 7th shade from the left on the top row, and placed that shade in the outer “V” and crease of the lid. Make sure you don’t go any higher than the crease and keep this shade towards the outer corner.

Next, taking a pencil brush, go back into taupe and blend that out on the lower lash line starting from the outer corner working in towards that inner color. With the same pencil brush use espresso and do that same thing only sticking to the outer corner.

If you feel you want more color on your eye lids like I did. Then go back into that champagne color and pack on more of that shadow.

Then to highlight the brow bone I used the light pink shade with a shader brush. Then curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara and your done!

That’s it! I know if you are new to makeup that might seem like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of what you are doing it doesn’t seem like that much. Don’t get frustrated and remember the key to a great eye shadow look is just to keep blending!




Top Makeup Brushes


Hi guys.

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite makeup brushes. I do use the beauty blender but I find myself reaching for these brushes the most.


So as you can tell they are mostly Sigma brushes and that is because Kyle got me a set. It was the Jaclyn Hill favourites set or something like that. I don’t think they are selling the set anymore but you can buy each brush separately if you’d like. Then I have a couple other ones I use with the set. The set itself came with 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes. Which is great. It basically gives you all the brushes you need.

The 3 face brushes it came with are the F80 flat kabuki brush. This brush is great for foundation!

The F86 tapered kabuki brush that is great for blending out concealer under the eyes.

The F35 tapered highlighter brush. Great for highlight or setting your under eye concealer with powder.

Then the 4 eye brushes are the E40 tapered blending brush. Great for blending out the crease. Also allows you to give a light wash of color on the lid as well.

The E25 blending brush is a little stuff so it’s great for blending out the crease but also allows you to build the color. It is more dense than the E40.

Then there is the E55 eye shading brush. It has short bristles and is dense so it allows you to pack on the color on you eye lid. It’s great for pigments and glitters.

Lastly is the E30 pencil brush. This brush is mostly used for blending out under eye color. It has short bristles and is dense so you can apply color with this brush and blend out the areas that you need to.

All the brushes are super amazing. I love each of them! I also use a couple other brushes though.

The set didn’t come with a blush or bronzer brush or powder brush. So I use the shany brand brushes for that.Then when I use powder to fill in my brows I use the shany brand angled and spooly brushes. Since I don’t like mixing them I use the real techniques setting brush for setting my under eye concealer and the Sigma F35 to highlight.

So that’s it. Those are the brushes I use all the time. I do want to replace my blush, bronzer and powder brush with Sigma ones but the ones I have are pretty good still.

Thanks for stopping by!



What I Got In My Ipsy Bag


 Hey everybody. I wanted to share what I got in my Ipsy bag this month since I was so excited about one product in particular. This bag was really cute first of all. Totally perfect for the summer when you go to the beach or pool or vacation. One side of it is that swim suit kind of material. The inside is lined with plastic so its easy to clean out if you can sand in it or if your sunscreen gets everywhere and I love that there is a neon orange zipper.

So the product I was really excited about was the smashbox photo finish primer. I know this has been around for ever but I have never gotten it. I found it to be really expensive just to try out. So I am really glad that I get to try it now. The next thing in my bag is this really fun coral nail polish by Formula X. I’ve never tried that brand before so that’s fun. I think the color is called “power source”. I’m not too sure though. Next is an eyeliner by Ofra in turquoise which will be fun for the summer too. That will be a good pop of color for under the eye. Then there is this really cutely packaged mini eye shadow crayon by trestique in the color “Kona Coffee”. It’s a really nice dark brown and it just glides on. I have other shadow crayons and they kind of “catch” on your eye lid but this one is so smooth and nice. Lastly I got this lotion. I think the company is called Lavanila Laboratories. It’s and instant hydration body butter in pure vanilla. I don’t know how I feel about this lotion. It is really hydrating but the smell of it kind of was weird to me at first. It was like the more it soaked into my skin the better it smelled but when I first put it on, I didn’t like it too much. So I think I will have to try it a few more times to see if I actually do like it.

I am really happy with this months bag. I think the bag itself is really cute and for the most part the products that it came with seem really good and will be fun to play with. Comment down below if you have the Ipsy subscription and let me know what you got in yours. If you don’t have it yet you should try it out. It’s really fun and I always look forward to getting it in the mail. Thanks for stopping by.



Stress And Anxiety

Hi guys.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about my anxiety. I know tons of people have stress and anxiety and don’t really know how to manage it. Keep in mind that I am in no way a doctor. I just wanted to share things that I have learned to do to help reduce my stress and anxiety. I don’t really like taking medicines to deal with my anxiety but I did have prescription at one point at a low dose that I would take when I just couldn’t get a handle on the problem.

So, I can’t exactly pin-point where my anxiety started but I remember when I was in school I would feel sick to my stomach a lot and always wanted to stay home. It would be worse when I knew I would have to give an oral report and stuff like that. Even sitting here thinking about those times is making my heart race a little. I never really liked school and felt much better being at home. This started at a very young age. I remember not wanting to go to elementary school and begging my dad to just please let me stay home.

As an adult, I still have my anxiety. It would get really bad whenever I had a doctor’s appointment coming up. I feel like a lot of it came just from not knowing what the doctor was going to say. Really any time I know I have to do something that I really don’t want to do is when I struggle. Or even thinking about doing things that I don’t want to do can cause me to start stressing out. Like, thinking about getting called for jury duty. That really gets my heart racing. I don’t like doing that so it kind of freaks me out. Even smaller things like, going to Kyle’s company get togethers and talking to new people. Or just hanging out with friends.

It may seem silly and sometimes it is but for the most part it’s not something you can just tell yourself to get over and just do it. I’ve never seen anyone for it or really talked to anyone about my struggle. Kyle is I think the only person that I have fully talked to about it. I know it’s hard for anyone that doesn’t have those anxieties to understand but he really has tried. I know it can be frustrating for him, it’s frustrating for me as well. Especially being a believer in Christ. You would think, “Well just give it to God and be done with it.” I’ve tried and it’s just not that easy. I know that God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle so in that, anxiety doesn’t come from God. It is purely from satan. Those little questions and statements that creep into your mind is the enemy.

My first tip for anyone is to just remind yourself that God is bigger than the problem you are facing. He doesn’t want you to feel that way so even if you whisper “I trust You, God” that will help make you feel better. I’m not saying you will be cured of it but it will help.

There are lots of things to do to help yourself. If you don’t want to go to some sort of specialist or can’t afford it or just don’t like to do those things then hopefully you can try some of the things I have tried.

  • You can go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long walk or even a fast paced walk but just getting outside and taking a couple of deep breaths can help.
  • Or if you are feeling lazy like I do most of the time, you can lay on the floor on your back with your arms facing palm up away from your body and your legs in the “butterfly” position with the bottoms of your feet touching. Take deep breaths and try to just clear your mind or think about something that makes you really happy.
  • You can try sitting in a quiet room and drink a cup of tea.
  • You can also go the opposite way and try to distract yourself with a hobby or watching a feel good movie.
  • If you are on your way somewhere and are stressing, like I do most of the time, just close your eyes and take deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhale out of your mouth. This really does help in those times where you can’t do the other things. Many times on the way to the doctor I wanted to jump out of the moving car and run in the other direction but slowing down my breathing helped calm me down.
  • You can also lay on the floor on your back, with your arms away from your body with your palms up and rest your legs on the couch or the wall and close your eyes and take deep breaths.

I have tried getting to the root of the problem in those moments with asking myself where it’s coming from and if it is worth getting so worked up about but that always makes me feel guilty. You can try doing that as well but for me it doesn’t really work.

I feel like a lot of calming yourself is mostly about your breathing. The harder and faster you are breathing the more your heart is racing and your mind is spinning. So if you can slow down your breathing you are more likely to calm yourself. Again, I am not a doctor but just wanted to give some ideas to those who don’t know what to do in the heat of the moment. I’ve learned to do these things over the years and while I am not cured of my stress and anxiety, I feel like I have a little bit of a better hold on it. If you are dealing with someone who has these problems, just try to stay calm as well and try to get a better understanding of what sets the person off. For me it’s mostly social things that set me off. Know how much you mean to that person and your willingness to help them. It is a very frustrating thing to have and it always helps to have someone there to help you through it.

I really hope my tips help you cope and just remember that God will get you through it. He is so much bigger than any situation and all you have to do is ask Him to help you through it.



Different Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Hey everyone!

So we all know how cooking with coconut oil is good for you. There are so many benefits of digesting coconut oil, like lowering cholesterol. It can also help you to lose weight. There are so many health benefits of using this oil compared to using other oils.

I have found that there are so many other ways we can use coconut oil. A few I have tried and others I haven’t but am going to.


This is the kind I use. I get it at Cost Plus World Market. It’s organic and unrefined. It doesn’t really matter if its unrefined when using it as part of your beauty routine but unrefined just means its at it purest. It’s going to have a stronger coconut taste as well.

Here are 5 tips you can try:

  • The first thing I heard about was using the oil to whiten your teeth. I tried this for a few days and gave it up since it was actually kind of gross. I did notice a slight change which was nice but I just couldn’t get passed the texture. But what you want to do is take a small spoonful of the oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 minutes. You don’t want to swallow it because the oil will pull bacteria out so once the 20 minutes is up spit it out into the trash can not the sink.
  • The next tip is to use the oil on the skin. If you are out of moisturizer but have the oil on hand you can just take a small amount and warm it up but rubbing it between your hands then rub all over your face.
  • You can also take a small amount and warm it between your fingers and use it just under the eyes and will help prevent wrinkles.
  • If you don’t have any shaving cream, you can use the oil instead. Again, use a small amount and rub the oil on your legs, then shave as normal. You can also use it as a lotion for after shaving if you want.
  • Want to deep condition your hair but don’t want to spend the money on a good one? Use coconut oil! All you want to do is take small amounts at a time, warm the oil between your hands and start running your hands and fingers through the ends of your hair working your way up. Once hair is covered with the oil, use a shower cap to hold your hair in. Leave on for 20-30 minutes then wash out with shampoo. Your hair doesn’t have to be soaked in it just use enough to have a light coat.

There are several different ways to use coconut oil but these are the couple I have tried and want to try. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these or different ways you use coconut oil. Thanks for stopping by.



Makeup Of The Day

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to do a makeup of the day. I did an easy, everyday look so anyone could copy it. It’s easy to change and add your own spin on it if you wanted to also. So lets jump right in.


I forgot to add them in the picture but I used my E.L.F. mineral color correcting face primer and my NYX HD eye shadow primer.


So first you want to make sure that you moisturize, then prime your face. Next, using my beauty blender I applied Benefits bb cream. I love how light this stuff feels but gives a really nice coverage. I’d say it’s a medium coverage.

Next, I went in with my NYX HD concealer under my eyes and blended it out with the beauty blender. I got this in a lighter shade than my skin tone just to use under my eyes as a brightener.

For my eye brows, I used the Chella eye brow pencil that came in one of my Ipsy bags. This was the first time I used it and I think it worked really well.

I went in with two bronzers. First I used NYC bronzer to do a little contour, then I went in with the Milani bronzer in “Glow” and kind of dusted that over my cheeks. Then I used NYX blush over that. Then added Physicians Formula Highlight to the top of my cheekbones.


For the eyes, first prime your eyes. You can use a primer or concealer. I used Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette. First I used the color W.O.S for all over the lid, for the crease I used Naked 2. I didn’t want an intense smoky eye so instead of using a dark color for the outer v, I used the color Faint all over the lid then went in with Crave and lightly lined the outer part of the lash line. I also took Crave and used that under my lower lash line. Then I used Rimmel’s scandaleyes to help me look more awake and then used Maybeline’s Mega Plush Volume Express mascara.

Lastly, for my lips, I used NYX lip liner in Rose and lined and filled in my lips and then used MAC Cremecup lipstick.


(close up of how it all turned out)

It looks and seems like a lot once I’ve written it out but it really isn’t that much and didn’t take that long to do. Like I said before, this look is very simple and easy to do or change up if you wanted. If you want a more dramatic look you can just use a black eyeliner and smoke it out or do a winged eye and it would change how it looks. These are some of favorite makeup products to use but you can use whatever you have.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment, follow, and sign up for emails to know when I’ve posted something new.