Top Makeup Brushes


Hi guys.

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite makeup brushes. I do use the beauty blender but I find myself reaching for these brushes the most.


So as you can tell they are mostly Sigma brushes and that is because Kyle got me a set. It was the Jaclyn Hill favourites set or something like that. I don’t think they are selling the set anymore but you can buy each brush separately if you’d like. Then I have a couple other ones I use with the set. The set itself came with 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes. Which is great. It basically gives you all the brushes you need.

The 3 face brushes it came with are the F80 flat kabuki brush. This brush is great for foundation!

The F86 tapered kabuki brush that is great for blending out concealer under the eyes.

The F35 tapered highlighter brush. Great for highlight or setting your under eye concealer with powder.

Then the 4 eye brushes are the E40 tapered blending brush. Great for blending out the crease. Also allows you to give a light wash of color on the lid as well.

The E25 blending brush is a little stuff so it’s great for blending out the crease but also allows you to build the color. It is more dense than the E40.

Then there is the E55 eye shading brush. It has short bristles and is dense so it allows you to pack on the color on you eye lid. It’s great for pigments and glitters.

Lastly is the E30 pencil brush. This brush is mostly used for blending out under eye color. It has short bristles and is dense so you can apply color with this brush and blend out the areas that you need to.

All the brushes are super amazing. I love each of them! I also use a couple other brushes though.

The set didn’t come with a blush or bronzer brush or powder brush. So I use the shany brand brushes for that.Then when I use powder to fill in my brows I use the shany brand angled and spooly brushes. Since I don’t like mixing them I use the real techniques setting brush for setting my under eye concealer and the Sigma F35 to highlight.

So that’s it. Those are the brushes I use all the time. I do want to replace my blush, bronzer and powder brush with Sigma ones but the ones I have are pretty good still.

Thanks for stopping by!




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