Lorac Pro Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys!

I wanted to do a little tutorial today. I didn’t want to do a full face makeup of the day type of thing since it’s been hot and I don’t want to sit with foundation on my skin. Lately I have been into the romantic pink shades of eye shadow. Today’s tutorial will be on this eye look:


I did this look with the first Lorac Pro palette. You can totally just use whatever you have and just try matching the shades the best you can. It’s really simple.


So first, you want to prime your lids with an actual primer or just some concealer. Using a fluffy blending brush, the first color I used is the second shade on the top row called cream. I just used this as a base and put that all over my lid blending upward towards my eyebrows.

Then using the shade right next to that is taupe. With the same fluffy blending brush place taupe right in the crease, starting in the outer corner of your eye and blending that out towards your inner corner. This shade will be the transition shade. I used the fluffy blending brush for most of the colors just so I could keep the eye shadows nice and soft.

So again, using that same brush, I used the shade mauve. That color is the 5th shade from the left on the top row. Place that shade all over the lid blending up into your crease but not going any higher than that. Make sure to blend mauve into the taupe color.

Then, taking a small flat brush, I used a setting spray to get the brush wet. If you don’t have any setting spray water will work as well. So using a damp flat brush I went into the color champagne. That is the second shade from the left on the bottom row. I placed that shade all over the lid, keeping most of the color in the middle and inner corner of my eye.

Going back to the fluffy brush, I used the color espresso, the 7th shade from the left on the top row, and placed that shade in the outer “V” and crease of the lid. Make sure you don’t go any higher than the crease and keep this shade towards the outer corner.

Next, taking a pencil brush, go back into taupe and blend that out on the lower lash line starting from the outer corner working in towards that inner color. With the same pencil brush use espresso and do that same thing only sticking to the outer corner.

If you feel you want more color on your eye lids like I did. Then go back into that champagne color and pack on more of that shadow.

Then to highlight the brow bone I used the light pink shade with a shader brush. Then curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara and your done!

That’s it! I know if you are new to makeup that might seem like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of what you are doing it doesn’t seem like that much. Don’t get frustrated and remember the key to a great eye shadow look is just to keep blending!




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