Just A Little Update

Hey guys.

I know its been forever since I’ve posted anything, so I wanted to do a little update. So pretty much I’ve just been a little uninspired lately, to be honest. When I first started this blog I thought I’d have so much to share all the time and reality set in and it’s just not that way. I wanted to share my love of makeup mostly and share tips and makeup looks and while I still do want to do those things, I feel like a number of things have sort of prevented me from being motivated. For one, it’s been crazy hot here and it has totally made me not want to put anything on my face. Second, makeup can cost a lot and right now we are on a budget and I have to be good. Which is totally fine because what we are trying to do is way more important.

The other thing that has totally made me lazy is the fact that we have fallen off the healthy wagon. I know, it’s horrible. We are trying to get back on track. I am so sick of feeling tired and sluggish. Again, since it’s been so hot, I have NOT wanted to be in the kitchen cooking at all, so that’s really not good! It’s not that we have been eating out every day but just more of not making an effort to really make something completely healthy for us. Like I said, we are trying to get back on track and stick to it.

Also eating healthier is better for my pcos, so I have really got to start doing better. Sorry if this is TMI (too much info) but yeah, I have not had a period for 5 months now. I was supposed to start last month and it never came. I have taken several pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. I know it has so much to do with the way I have been eating. I have an app called Glow and it tracks everything for you and there are polls on there too and recently I saw one concerning pcos and as i was reading some of the other women’s comments of their struggles trying to get pregnant, my heart just hurt for them. I’m in the same boat. We have been trying for so long. So many people are so lost since there is very little information about it. There is currently no cure for it, just little things you can do to help calm the symptoms. All I have been able to really notice is that when I eat better, my symptoms are better. So, if there is anyone out there that doesn’t know where to start, start there. Start eating more veggies like broccoli and spinach. Any dark green, leafy veggie will be better for you. Give it a couple of months and I know you will start to see some change. I’m always on the lookout for tips and ways to help pcos and will share what I find. I know it’s not a comfortable situation to talk about but the more we share the better chances for a cure.

Other things that are going on are our trip to Oregon in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited for that! It’s going to be a lot of fun. My cousin is moving out next week. I’m so happy for him but sad at the same time. I’ve gotten so used to having him around that I feel like I’m not going to really know what to do with myself when he’s gone. It’s going to be a little weird not having anyone live with us anymore. I know that sounds weird but we literally have had someone live with us over the last 4 years and on the 28th of this month we will be married for 5 years! We’ve always wanted to help out family when we could and God has just opened the door for us to help out by having a roommate. So I kind of feel like God has just given us the opportunity to focus on us for a while. It’s going to be good. Good things are just happening for everyone this year.

And probably the biggest event happening this year is that my little sister is getting MARRIED!! That’s happening in November. It’s going to be so great!

So I guess that’s it. That’s what has been going on lately. I feel like it’s more mentally and emotionally stressful things that are happening. I really can’t wait for our trip! I can’t wait to hug my nephews and spend time with my family! I’m going to try to make more of an effort in posting more. I also am going to start talking about other things like skin, hair and nails. I have been really into knitting and crocheting so if anyone wants to see things I’m working on I can post on that as well and of course health and pcos.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for checking out my blog.




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