Crochet Coffee Cozies

Hey guys.

I just wanted to share with you a little something I’ve been working on lately for my Etsy shop!

These are my coffee cozies.


I haven’t listed them just yet since I want to take a nicer picture using one of those reusable coffee cups from Starbucks, which I still need to get.

These ones don’t wrap around a regular coffee cup and are meant for cups without handles but I will be soon working on ones that do go around regular coffee cups.


These are really simple to make if you already know how to crochet. The flower takes a little extra time but still very fun to make. I think I am going to be making more with different colored flowers…maybe even sell one that comes with a couple different flowers so you can change them out. They are attached with a button and you can slip the flower off the button so you can have your option of changing the flower or leaving the flower off. I thought that would be kind of fun to do.

That’s pretty much it as far as what I’ve been working on lately as far as crochet or knitting goes. Lots of other things have been going on in our personal lives that I might share later on. So you might want to be on the lookout for that if you are interested.

My next post will be on what I got in my Ipsy bag this month, so if you enjoy makeup then be sure to click that follow button so you can stay up to date with my latest posts.

Thanks for stopping by.




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