At Home Fake Nails

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to share with everyone what I do when I want to have fake nails. I can’t always afford to go and get my nails done, so this is a great alternative. It a lot cheaper and you get multiple uses out of the set.


This is all the stuff I use to prep and apply the fake nails. There aren’t many steps so it goes by kind of quickly. (Sorry the pic isn’t great.)



So the first thing you want to do is take care of your cuticles. You want to make sure your cuticles are pushed back and your nail bed is nice and clean. So to achieve that, I use the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. I love this stuff. It comes out in a gel form, which is extra nice so it doesn’t get all over the place.

You just make a line on your nail bed where your cuticle is. Follow the shape of your nail.

Next, take a cuticle pusher, I have a medal one but any kind should work just fine. GENTLY push your cuticles back. The bottle says to leave it on for 15 secs or no longer than 1 minute for calluses.

Once you’ve pushed the cuticle back, all you need to do next is wipe off the gel. You can use a napkin, paper towel, or cotton ball or you can just go wash your hands. That’s it for the cuticles!


The next steps that I take are cleaning underneath my real nail. Even though I’m putting a fake nail on, I can’t stand the feeling of having dirt under my fingernail. Then I trim my nail and lightly file it to smooth out any harsh edges.

So I forgot to take pics of the next steps but all your going to do is pick out the nail size that you need. If they still seem a little to big for your nails then all you’re going to do is file a little bit at a time around the part of the nail that will sit up against where your cuticle is. Go slow and take your time so that you don’t file too much and mess the nail up.

Then, using the nail glue that the set comes with add one drop to the under side of the nail and gently spread it out on the nail leaving the tip alone. Then quickly apply the fake nail on top of your real nail. I try to press the bottom of the nail down near my cuticle first then try to smooth it out over the rest of the nail. There might be some air bubbles in the center of your nail and that is okay but you don’t want a bunch of air bubbles. Once the nail is on, press firmly making sure it’s on there pretty good. Obviously try to line it up as straight as you can before you apply it all the way.

That’s pretty much all there is to it. You can skip some steps if you already take care of your cuticles on a regular basis or if your nails are already short and clean. Oh! The brand of nails I get is just the Kiss brand in the more square shape. Then all that’s left to do is paint them and you can use whatever nail polish you normally use.

To take off the nail polish, you don’t want to use any kind of remover because it might “eat” the nail so just use a nail file. I like to use a more coarse file like the Tropical Shine 100/180 files and then the Sand Turtle Sand Sponge coarse/med 100/125 to kind of smooth and buff out any roughness. You can get those from Sally Beauty Supply. They are really cheap but work really well. Then before you paint your nails again just wash your hands and make sure there isn’t any left over dust or nail polish on your nails.

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