Stress And Anxiety

Hi guys.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about my anxiety. I know tons of people have stress and anxiety and don’t really know how to manage it. Keep in mind that I am in no way a doctor. I just wanted to share things that I have learned to do to help reduce my stress and anxiety. I don’t really like taking medicines to deal with my anxiety but I did have prescription at one point at a low dose that I would take when I just couldn’t get a handle on the problem.

So, I can’t exactly pin-point where my anxiety started but I remember when I was in school I would feel sick to my stomach a lot and always wanted to stay home. It would be worse when I knew I would have to give an oral report and stuff like that. Even sitting here thinking about those times is making my heart race a little. I never really liked school and felt much better being at home. This started at a very young age. I remember not wanting to go to elementary school and begging my dad to just please let me stay home.

As an adult, I still have my anxiety. It would get really bad whenever I had a doctor’s appointment coming up. I feel like a lot of it came just from not knowing what the doctor was going to say. Really any time I know I have to do something that I really don’t want to do is when I struggle. Or even thinking about doing things that I don’t want to do can cause me to start stressing out. Like, thinking about getting called for jury duty. That really gets my heart racing. I don’t like doing that so it kind of freaks me out. Even smaller things like, going to Kyle’s company get togethers and talking to new people. Or just hanging out with friends.

It may seem silly and sometimes it is but for the most part it’s not something you can just tell yourself to get over and just do it. I’ve never seen anyone for it or really talked to anyone about my struggle. Kyle is I think the only person that I have fully talked to about it. I know it’s hard for anyone that doesn’t have those anxieties to understand but he really has tried. I know it can be frustrating for him, it’s frustrating for me as well. Especially being a believer in Christ. You would think, “Well just give it to God and be done with it.” I’ve tried and it’s just not that easy. I know that God doesn’t give us anything we can’t handle so in that, anxiety doesn’t come from God. It is purely from satan. Those little questions and statements that creep into your mind is the enemy.

My first tip for anyone is to just remind yourself that God is bigger than the problem you are facing. He doesn’t want you to feel that way so even if you whisper “I trust You, God” that will help make you feel better. I’m not saying you will be cured of it but it will help.

There are lots of things to do to help yourself. If you don’t want to go to some sort of specialist or can’t afford it or just don’t like to do those things then hopefully you can try some of the things I have tried.

  • You can go for a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long walk or even a fast paced walk but just getting outside and taking a couple of deep breaths can help.
  • Or if you are feeling lazy like I do most of the time, you can lay on the floor on your back with your arms facing palm up away from your body and your legs in the “butterfly” position with the bottoms of your feet touching. Take deep breaths and try to just clear your mind or think about something that makes you really happy.
  • You can try sitting in a quiet room and drink a cup of tea.
  • You can also go the opposite way and try to distract yourself with a hobby or watching a feel good movie.
  • If you are on your way somewhere and are stressing, like I do most of the time, just close your eyes and take deep breaths in through your nose and slowly exhale out of your mouth. This really does help in those times where you can’t do the other things. Many times on the way to the doctor I wanted to jump out of the moving car and run in the other direction but slowing down my breathing helped calm me down.
  • You can also lay on the floor on your back, with your arms away from your body with your palms up and rest your legs on the couch or the wall and close your eyes and take deep breaths.

I have tried getting to the root of the problem in those moments with asking myself where it’s coming from and if it is worth getting so worked up about but that always makes me feel guilty. You can try doing that as well but for me it doesn’t really work.

I feel like a lot of calming yourself is mostly about your breathing. The harder and faster you are breathing the more your heart is racing and your mind is spinning. So if you can slow down your breathing you are more likely to calm yourself. Again, I am not a doctor but just wanted to give some ideas to those who don’t know what to do in the heat of the moment. I’ve learned to do these things over the years and while I am not cured of my stress and anxiety, I feel like I have a little bit of a better hold on it. If you are dealing with someone who has these problems, just try to stay calm as well and try to get a better understanding of what sets the person off. For me it’s mostly social things that set me off. Know how much you mean to that person and your willingness to help them. It is a very frustrating thing to have and it always helps to have someone there to help you through it.

I really hope my tips help you cope and just remember that God will get you through it. He is so much bigger than any situation and all you have to do is ask Him to help you through it.