Method Brand Cleansers

Hi guys.

So I’m really excited to be talking about this stuff. I know it might seem a little odd to be talking about cleaning products on my wellness Wednesday, but this stuff is actually better for you to use. So what it is, is the Method brand cleaning supplies. I think they have been around for a while, but I just discovered them.


So what I have are the all purpose cleanser, the glass cleanser, the bathroom cleanser, and the room spray. Each of these things smells so good. They each have a different smell to them. I feel like the clean better than the other products I was using. The glass cleaner, in my opinion is way better than Windex, and I used that stuff all the time. They are a little pricier but they are so worth it.

I found all my products at Target. I’m not really sure where else they sell it but my local Target has a bunch of other cleansers that I can’t wait to try. They even have laundry detergent!

So what makes these products healthier for you is the fact that they are plant-based. In the past that really wouldn’t have mattered to me in the least bit. Since doing my own research on PCOS, I have found that many things can trigger your symptoms. Not only is it the food you eat, but the products you use on yourself and to clean your house with. Even smells can trigger your symptoms. Weird right? In a way it makes perfect sense though. As you are cleaning, you are inhaling the particles that are left in the air after spraying something. Therefore, you are ingesting the products. Not to mention that it can be absorbed through your skin. Some products can leave a residue, and if you’ve cleaned your dining room table with something that is chemical based, that residue is left on the table you eat on and if you or kid spills food on it, they are going to pick up and eat it still. So it does make sense that it could affect your symptoms. The one thing I love about using the Method brand cleaners is that after using it something, you don’t feel a residue. You just feel how clean things are.

If you are someone who has PCOS or just someone who doesn’t want to use products that are chemical based then I highly recommend finding and trying this brand. If you are interested and want to see what they have then you can go to They’ve got tons of stuff including candles!!! That’s a win.

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