My “Go-To” Makeup Look

Hey guys.

Today’s post is going to be on the makeup look I did a couple weeks ago. This is my “go to” look, especially when I am in a hurry or we make last minute plans.


As you can see, I didn’t want anything that was going to feel too heavy on my face. So the first thing I did was prime (sorry I forgot to add a pic). What I have been using for a primer is the Nivea men’s aftershave balm. I’m sure you’ve all heard how great of a primer it is and it’s so affordable. I get the one for sensitive skin mostly because the scent isn’t as strong and after it soaks into your skin you don’t even smell it anymore. I feel like it really makes your makeup last.

I have oily/combo skin and before I discovered the aftershave, the Benefit Cosmetics Bigger Than BB Big Easy BB Creme (or whatever this stuff is) used to clump up in my dry areas and then slide off in my oily areas. I didn’t use it for a long time so I thought I’d give it another try using the aftershave and it actually lasted. I didn’t clump up or slide off at all. It was amazing! The shade I got is in “Light”

Next, I used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser in the lightest shade available to me.

After that I set my face with the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation. I usually always do this no matter what I am using just because I like the extra coverage. This has been my go to product to set my face for the last couple of years. I really like it and it’s more affordable than other similar high end products out there.

Then to set my under eye area, I use the Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Contour Kit the light to medium palette. They have a medium to tan palette that looks beautiful as well. I used the shade Banana, which is a yellow shade, to set my under eye area but sometimes I will use both Banana and Vanilla (vanilla is the more pink shade). I also used this palette for my bronzing and contouring. When I contour, I usually just do a light contour. I have to practice my heavy contour before posting anything about that. Haha The shades I use the most in this palette for that are Fawn (is kind of an ashy brown) and Java (to me I feel like this is more of a neutral brown) and then the last colors in the palette, in case you were wondering, are Sand ( a pinky toned highlight) and Havana ( which is like a red based brown)

For blush, I used the Morphe Brushes Blush palette. It’s call 9b. I love this palette! I just wish this palette had names or numbers for the colors. I used the first shade in the second row. All the shades are so pretty and easy to blend and pigmented! If your looking for a blush palette I highly recommend this one!


Next is brows, eyes, and lips. Like I said I just went with something simple and just an “everyday” look. So for my eyebrows I just used the Chella Eyebrow Color in the shade Tantalizing Taupe and then set them with the ELF Eyebrow and Eyelash Gel.

Then, again sorry not pictured, I used the Urban Decay Primer Potion to prime my eyelids. I used the three eye shadow palette from NYX. I got it in an ipsy bag one month so I’m not sure if this is something that is available to buy or something that was just made for ipsy. All my stuff is packed away right now so I’m not sure what the shades are called.

First I used the lightest shade all over my lid. I didn’t blend it up past my crease, I just kept it low on the lid. Then, I used that middle shade on a fluffy brush and blended that in my crease, starting on the outer corner of the eye so that most of the product sits there and then gets blended into the inner corner of the eye. I didn’t use the black shade this time but I did use the eye shadow pigment we got in our ipsy bag last month from Naked Cosmetics. I just kept that on the outer corner of the eye and blended down just a little bit and then a little into the crease, so in that outer “V” area.

Then I just applied the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I didn’t curl my lashes this time. I kind of feel like I don’t really need to with this mascara. It gives me the length and volume that I am looking for.

So for probably my favorite part of doing my makeup, is the highlight. I almost always, since getting it, reach for the BECCA Cosmetics highlight that Jaclyn Hill created called “Champagne Pop”. I absolutely love this highlight and a little goes a long way so you don’t need much. I find that I just want to keep applying it even when I don’t need any more. I love it so much!!!!

I never really know what to do for my lips because I just feel like not matter what I do, they are just so little. Especially that upper lip. It kind of drives me crazy. So I never really do anything other that some sort of version of a nude/pink lip. So I used the NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien. Then I just topped it off with a sheer pink gloss from NYX.


This is how it turned out.

That’s it! That’s pretty much my go to makeup. I hope you enjoyed this long post! Be sure to subscribe and share with your friends. Thanks.



P.S.- Leave a comment down below and tell me if you want to see a makeup collection (broken down into categories), what I use to do my hair, or like a perfume/body spray collection? Let me know. Thanks.



February Ipsy Bag

Hi guys.

As you may know, I have had an Ipsy bag subscription for a couple of years now and I have pretty much enjoyed every bag I have gotten, minus maybe a handful or less. I mean it’s pretty exciting to get something fun every month sent to you, no doubt.

This month was no exception. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed with last months so I didn’t really know what to expect for this month but I have to say I have really enjoyed this months so far!


First off, the bag this month is super cute! It has little bump things that give it some texture. It’s nothing crazy though. Just really nice. The back of it is just all pink. Super fun!


The first product is this eye shadow pigment from naked cosmetics in the shade, I think, sierra nevada #sn-05. It’s really pretty. It looks dark but when swatched it comes off lighter and just so shimmery. I love it!


Next is this lip pencil from Chella. Ipsy has used this brand before and their products are pretty decent. This is in the shade passionate pink. It has a slight shimmer so it’s not matte or anything. It’s nice and creamy feeling on the lip and the color is pretty pigmented. It’s a nice pink for the spring time!



So, I haven’t heard anything about this product and I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I get super excited any time I get anything from Smashbox but this has me a little…worried? I don’t know. I have oily/combo skin, so a little part of me is excited to try this but I also think I might not like it. It’s the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil. I do admit I am curious! I just don’t know how putting an oil under my makeup and already oily skin is going to work for me…


This is the Luxie 221 Flat Definer brush. This is another brand that Ipsy has used. The last brush I received from them is actually one of my favorite brushes. I find myself reaching for it all the time and that one is the 205 tapered blending brush. They are just nice and soft and easy to use. So I am really excited to have gotten the 221 this month!


Lastly guys, is this wonderful little gem! I have used it a couple of times now and it is amazing. I have to admit it through me off a little to see that it was for your lips AND hands! Usually I see like lips and face but not hands. First, this smells great. It smells like your going to be eating a nice little treat. I blame it on the brown sugar and vanilla bean extract. So what this actually is, is an anti aging lip and hand all natural polish with anti aging ingredients vitamin e and jojoba oil. Guys, this stuff is truly amazing! My lips have been so dry and cracked and nothing has been working. I noticed a huge difference in one use! I just love this stuff! If you find it, you need to buy it! Seriously! lol

So that’s everything I got this month! I hope you enjoyed my little review and if you get an Ipsy bag be sure to comment below what you got this month and what your favorite products were. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to hit that follow button in the side bar to stay up to date with what I’m doing!




Quick Summertime Drug Store Makeup

Hey guys.

Today I wanted to do a quick post on what I use in the summer when I want to throw on a little makeup.


I use mostly drugstore items just because in the summertime its hot and sweaty and I don’t want to do a full face using my high-end stuff.

You don’t have to use all this stuff…and to be honest most times in the summer I don’t wear makeup but when I do I tend to throw on these product.

So first, you ALWAYS want to throw on some protection from the sun. Make sure that your tinted moisturizer or whatever you’re using has at least SPF 15 in it. If you’re oily like me, then make sure you apply sunscreen first then go in with your powders. I use NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation to even out my skin tone.

Next, you can do your eyebrows. If your feeling lazy you don’t have to. I usually use NYX Eyebrow Cake powder or you can just apply some clear eyebrow gel. Same goes for mascara. Don’t always feel like you have to use an actual color. Sometimes clear gel mascara does the job.

So then, if you are on the lighter side and want to bronze up the face you can use Milani brand bronzer in glow. This has a shimmer to it so the light will reflect and make you look, well, like your glowing. It’s very pretty. Or if you don’t want to be shimmery you can use NYC matte bronzing powder in Sunny. That’s a really good one as well and it often used as a dupe for Benefit’s Hoola.

For blush I try to stay with a coral color. You can ether use this with a bronzer or by itself. Same goes for the bronzer. You don’t always have to use blush. So feel free to be all bronze! You can also throw on some highlight on the tops of your cheek bones for an extra glowy look.

I always like to have some color on the lid. Especially if I have blush or bronzer on. I tend to stick to my neutral shades, so any brown will do. Then I like my eyes to look a little more awake so I try to use a high light on my brow bone and in the inner corners of my eyes. Then go ahead and pop on clear mascara or whatever you would like to use.

Last is my lips. I usually stick with a chapstick but on days where I want some color, I use a lip gloss or NYX butter lipstick. I like pink and neutral shades but if your feeling daring a nice bright color is always fun.

That’s it. It’s really easy to alter as well. You can add more or not use as much. Sometimes it’s nice to just throw on some sunscreen and sunglasses and just hang out.

Hope this gives you some ideas on what you can use this summer. It’s easy and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin! Thanks for stopping by!

Lorac Pro Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys!

I wanted to do a little tutorial today. I didn’t want to do a full face makeup of the day type of thing since it’s been hot and I don’t want to sit with foundation on my skin. Lately I have been into the romantic pink shades of eye shadow. Today’s tutorial will be on this eye look:


I did this look with the first Lorac Pro palette. You can totally just use whatever you have and just try matching the shades the best you can. It’s really simple.


So first, you want to prime your lids with an actual primer or just some concealer. Using a fluffy blending brush, the first color I used is the second shade on the top row called cream. I just used this as a base and put that all over my lid blending upward towards my eyebrows.

Then using the shade right next to that is taupe. With the same fluffy blending brush place taupe right in the crease, starting in the outer corner of your eye and blending that out towards your inner corner. This shade will be the transition shade. I used the fluffy blending brush for most of the colors just so I could keep the eye shadows nice and soft.

So again, using that same brush, I used the shade mauve. That color is the 5th shade from the left on the top row. Place that shade all over the lid blending up into your crease but not going any higher than that. Make sure to blend mauve into the taupe color.

Then, taking a small flat brush, I used a setting spray to get the brush wet. If you don’t have any setting spray water will work as well. So using a damp flat brush I went into the color champagne. That is the second shade from the left on the bottom row. I placed that shade all over the lid, keeping most of the color in the middle and inner corner of my eye.

Going back to the fluffy brush, I used the color espresso, the 7th shade from the left on the top row, and placed that shade in the outer “V” and crease of the lid. Make sure you don’t go any higher than the crease and keep this shade towards the outer corner.

Next, taking a pencil brush, go back into taupe and blend that out on the lower lash line starting from the outer corner working in towards that inner color. With the same pencil brush use espresso and do that same thing only sticking to the outer corner.

If you feel you want more color on your eye lids like I did. Then go back into that champagne color and pack on more of that shadow.

Then to highlight the brow bone I used the light pink shade with a shader brush. Then curl your lashes and use your favorite mascara and your done!

That’s it! I know if you are new to makeup that might seem like a lot of steps but once you get the hang of what you are doing it doesn’t seem like that much. Don’t get frustrated and remember the key to a great eye shadow look is just to keep blending!



Top Makeup Brushes


Hi guys.

Today I wanted to talk about my favourite makeup brushes. I do use the beauty blender but I find myself reaching for these brushes the most.


So as you can tell they are mostly Sigma brushes and that is because Kyle got me a set. It was the Jaclyn Hill favourites set or something like that. I don’t think they are selling the set anymore but you can buy each brush separately if you’d like. Then I have a couple other ones I use with the set. The set itself came with 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes. Which is great. It basically gives you all the brushes you need.

The 3 face brushes it came with are the F80 flat kabuki brush. This brush is great for foundation!

The F86 tapered kabuki brush that is great for blending out concealer under the eyes.

The F35 tapered highlighter brush. Great for highlight or setting your under eye concealer with powder.

Then the 4 eye brushes are the E40 tapered blending brush. Great for blending out the crease. Also allows you to give a light wash of color on the lid as well.

The E25 blending brush is a little stuff so it’s great for blending out the crease but also allows you to build the color. It is more dense than the E40.

Then there is the E55 eye shading brush. It has short bristles and is dense so it allows you to pack on the color on you eye lid. It’s great for pigments and glitters.

Lastly is the E30 pencil brush. This brush is mostly used for blending out under eye color. It has short bristles and is dense so you can apply color with this brush and blend out the areas that you need to.

All the brushes are super amazing. I love each of them! I also use a couple other brushes though.

The set didn’t come with a blush or bronzer brush or powder brush. So I use the shany brand brushes for that.Then when I use powder to fill in my brows I use the shany brand angled and spooly brushes. Since I don’t like mixing them I use the real techniques setting brush for setting my under eye concealer and the Sigma F35 to highlight.

So that’s it. Those are the brushes I use all the time. I do want to replace my blush, bronzer and powder brush with Sigma ones but the ones I have are pretty good still.

Thanks for stopping by!



What I Got In My Ipsy Bag


 Hey everybody. I wanted to share what I got in my Ipsy bag this month since I was so excited about one product in particular. This bag was really cute first of all. Totally perfect for the summer when you go to the beach or pool or vacation. One side of it is that swim suit kind of material. The inside is lined with plastic so its easy to clean out if you can sand in it or if your sunscreen gets everywhere and I love that there is a neon orange zipper.

So the product I was really excited about was the smashbox photo finish primer. I know this has been around for ever but I have never gotten it. I found it to be really expensive just to try out. So I am really glad that I get to try it now. The next thing in my bag is this really fun coral nail polish by Formula X. I’ve never tried that brand before so that’s fun. I think the color is called “power source”. I’m not too sure though. Next is an eyeliner by Ofra in turquoise which will be fun for the summer too. That will be a good pop of color for under the eye. Then there is this really cutely packaged mini eye shadow crayon by trestique in the color “Kona Coffee”. It’s a really nice dark brown and it just glides on. I have other shadow crayons and they kind of “catch” on your eye lid but this one is so smooth and nice. Lastly I got this lotion. I think the company is called Lavanila Laboratories. It’s and instant hydration body butter in pure vanilla. I don’t know how I feel about this lotion. It is really hydrating but the smell of it kind of was weird to me at first. It was like the more it soaked into my skin the better it smelled but when I first put it on, I didn’t like it too much. So I think I will have to try it a few more times to see if I actually do like it.

I am really happy with this months bag. I think the bag itself is really cute and for the most part the products that it came with seem really good and will be fun to play with. Comment down below if you have the Ipsy subscription and let me know what you got in yours. If you don’t have it yet you should try it out. It’s really fun and I always look forward to getting it in the mail. Thanks for stopping by.



Makeup Of The Day

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to do a makeup of the day. I did an easy, everyday look so anyone could copy it. It’s easy to change and add your own spin on it if you wanted to also. So lets jump right in.


I forgot to add them in the picture but I used my E.L.F. mineral color correcting face primer and my NYX HD eye shadow primer.


So first you want to make sure that you moisturize, then prime your face. Next, using my beauty blender I applied Benefits bb cream. I love how light this stuff feels but gives a really nice coverage. I’d say it’s a medium coverage.

Next, I went in with my NYX HD concealer under my eyes and blended it out with the beauty blender. I got this in a lighter shade than my skin tone just to use under my eyes as a brightener.

For my eye brows, I used the Chella eye brow pencil that came in one of my Ipsy bags. This was the first time I used it and I think it worked really well.

I went in with two bronzers. First I used NYC bronzer to do a little contour, then I went in with the Milani bronzer in “Glow” and kind of dusted that over my cheeks. Then I used NYX blush over that. Then added Physicians Formula Highlight to the top of my cheekbones.


For the eyes, first prime your eyes. You can use a primer or concealer. I used Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette. First I used the color W.O.S for all over the lid, for the crease I used Naked 2. I didn’t want an intense smoky eye so instead of using a dark color for the outer v, I used the color Faint all over the lid then went in with Crave and lightly lined the outer part of the lash line. I also took Crave and used that under my lower lash line. Then I used Rimmel’s scandaleyes to help me look more awake and then used Maybeline’s Mega Plush Volume Express mascara.

Lastly, for my lips, I used NYX lip liner in Rose and lined and filled in my lips and then used MAC Cremecup lipstick.


(close up of how it all turned out)

It looks and seems like a lot once I’ve written it out but it really isn’t that much and didn’t take that long to do. Like I said before, this look is very simple and easy to do or change up if you wanted. If you want a more dramatic look you can just use a black eyeliner and smoke it out or do a winged eye and it would change how it looks. These are some of favorite makeup products to use but you can use whatever you have.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave a comment, follow, and sign up for emails to know when I’ve posted something new.