Product Empties: Home Edition

Hi guys!

I recently used up some cleaning products and wanted to share my thoughts on them.


So, as you can see it’s mostly the Method brand products. The first one is the one on the far left. That was the all-purpose lemon scented cleaner. This stuff works well for dusting and cleaning up little things around the house. I haven’t really tried it on grease or really anything for the kitchen since I have a different cleaner for that and it’s amazing. But this cleanser I used all the time for dusting everything! It works really well and smells amazing and leaves your house smelling so fresh! I absolutely love it. I actually repurchased the same all-purpose cleaner but the new one is in a grapefruit scent. I haven’t used it yet though.

The second thing is just comet with bleach and again with the lemon scent. I loved using this stuff to clean my sink with. I have a white sink and sometimes it would get scratched with cookie sheets and leave little marks and this got those right out. I also used this on my bathtub and just to clean the bathroom in general. I would totally get this again.

The third thing is again a lemon scented Method brand product. It’s just dish soap but I loved this stuff. I love the container. It has a pump which actually made it easier to use when my hands were already wet or soapy. And I just love the lemon scent for cleaning anything in the kitchen. It just makes it smell so much fresher and cleaner to me.

And the last thing is the Method brand hand soap. It’s actually not lemon scented this time but is the limited edition scent in sunset beach and it smelt SO good! It didn’t dry my hands out or leave them cracked. It just left them feeling soft and smelling really good. In the summer time I usually wash my hands a lot just because when it’s hot and humid, I feel more sweaty and gross and washing my hands makes me feel better and with other hand soaps, my hands would get so dried out and cracked.

I have a different post on all the Method brand products I have and I can’t say it enough. I absolutely love this brand. Some items are a little more but I think it’s so worth the money. I mean, I don’t feel like they are way overpriced or anything like that but they do cost just a little bit more. I love that they have so many different products too. They are plant-based and don’t leave any harmful chemicals behind. I just love it.

By the way this is not a sponsored post or anything. I discovered Method brand products on my own at Target and fell in love with all of the stuff. If you’re looking for plant-based cleaning products that actually work and leave your house smelling amazing then you need to try these things.

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