NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick Review

Hi guys!

I recently got some new lipsticks and wanted to talk about a couple of them. I ordered them off of the Ulta website since I couldn’t find them all in the actual store. The few that I got are the NYX MATTE lipsticks. I also got two Revlon lipsticks too but I wanted to review the NYX ones since I got more of those. I have five out of thirty-three (I think).


These lipsticks usually cost $6.00 but at Ulta they were on sale buy one get one 50% off. So along with these lipsticks I got a lip liner. Ulta is great about that. I love when they have sales. You can usually find NYX cosmetics at Ulta or Target. Our target usually doesn’t have much in stock whereas Ulta has way more. And you can always go to www.nyxcosmetics.com or www.ulta.com


I have been wanting to wear more colored lipsticks since I usually stick to a nude lip. I did get more nude shades since this was my first time getting matte lipsticks and I didn’t want to get something too crazy. I’ve tried these out a few times and I like them. I don’t love them but they work for wanting a matte lip and not spending a whole lot. I feel like some of them apply sort of chalky and the colors do look a little different online.


The colors are beautiful but I just sort of feel that maybe the formula isn’t quite there yet. For instance, Hippie chic looks more subtle online but in person it’s a little brighter. It could just be my skin tone but I’ve read other reviews saying the same thing and about a couple different ones. Like I said these are great if you’re looking for a matte lipstick but you might want to color swatch them (if you can) first in store to get an idea of how they are going to apply.



(Left to right: Nude, Couture Mode,Hippie Chic, Summer Breeze, & Tea Rose)

If you are going out for the night and are going to be eating a drinking I would make sure you bring the lipstick for touch ups. It does have slight transfer but after a period of time you will need to touch it up. Also a good thing to know, as with most matte lipsticks, make sure you scrub your lips since it does settle into the lines in your lips and makes chapped lips look worse.

I did find that it is a little harder to take off and it left a hint of color behind, but I just used a facial wipe so it might be easier to take off with an oil based cleanser. All in all I would recommend these to other people looking for a cheap matte lipstick.

I hope this helps you decide to try something new! Leave a comment on what color you decided on and if you like it. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe. Thanks!