New Etsy Shop Name!

Ok guys I could not wait to reveal the new name of my etsy shop!!! Like I said in my last post the name that I had wasn’t my favorite. I’ve always wanted something prettier and of course a name that meant something to me.

It’s been nearly a year since moving and while there has been some stressful times, it has been amazing getting to do every day life with my sister. I love the fact that for the first time in many years, me and my siblings get to see each other whenever we want. It’s been such a blessing!

So a while ago at my sister’s house we were watching a home design show and we were talking about how it would be fun if her and her husband and me and my husband could buy a piece of land together and then build two houses on it and then start a farm! I was talking about the different animals we could have and I mentioned having sheep and alpacas and then we could learn how to sheer them properly and make our own yarn and start a company! I came up with a name that we could use with it ending in “Farms”. Totally fun, right?! Well fast-forward to the other day when I was feeling like my shop needed a change, my sister was over and we got to talking and I was telling her a couple of names of other shops that I thought were cute and how I wanted to have a better name. So we sat here trying to think of different name using some of my favorite flowers and nothing was really sounding very good. I was starting to get frustrated and then my sister asked me what was the name I said we could call our farm! OMG!!! Genius! Only I didn’t want to use farm since I don’t have a farm!

So thinking further on it, it started to all come together. I love the time I have been able to get back with my siblings. Me and my sister always talked about doing ever day life together and how just how much sweeter life is now that we are all together. So if you haven’t put it together just yet the new name of my shop is……!!!!!!

SS+T Logo v3

I wanted the name to represent my relationship with my sweet sisters (and my brother! we are his sweet sisters lol). What I have learned from my relationships is that no matter what life brings you, the ups, the downs, the little stupid arguments, the big arguments, bringing new life into the family, or saying a final good-bye to a loved one, at the end of the day, your siblings are the ones that you can lean on the most. The ones that are going to understand you better than you probably understand yourself. They are the ones that are going to be the most honest with you and that you can put your trust into. I love you guys so much!! (even if they don’t read this. lol)

Anyways, there it is! I hope you all like it! I want to give my husband a huge shout out for helping me design my logo! He has a graphic design business that he does on the side so if you are interested in creating something fun he can do pretty much anything! His company is “InHouse Graphics”. He does have an instagram page but if you have any questions just leave it in the comments down below and I will let him know!

Thanks again for taking the time to read my new post!

p.s we will clean up the picture a little more before sending it in to get business cards made, I was just excited about sharing the new logo and name before we could finalize the details.




New Shop Changes

Hey guys!

As you can tell from the title new changes are coming to my etsy shop!! I have been thinking up some new ideas and wanted to share that is why I haven’t been very active on here or others forms of social media.

I have been wanting to change some things about my etsy shop for a while but wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to change. I thought of some new items to make that might sell and have added items that I made a while ago hoping that might spark some new followers and make some sells, but that didn’t really work. I’ve been feeling like my shop is at a stand still for a while…a long while.

Lately I’ve just been doing some searching on Instagram and have seen all these successful shops and seen all the different things they make and sell and have thought, “Well I could make something like that. Why are they able to sell theirs but I can’t sell mine?” Don’t get me wrong, I love knitting and crocheting just for the fun of it, but sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to sell items to help out with the bills or just to earn money to support my hobby.

The one thing I noticed a lot about these successful shops are the names! I’ve always been kind of iffy about my shop name. I wanted to create something that was catchy and toyed around with different things but in the end I went with something plain and simple. So I’ve never been too thrilled about it.

So the biggest change coming to my shop is going to be the name! I will do another post on how I came up with the name and the meaning and inspiration behind it. But for now I just wanted to give my little community of followers and supporters a heads up on some changes and what to look out for.

In addition to a name change, I’m thinking of making some new blankets, ear warmers/headband (even though we are heading into some warmer weather) maybe some baby items….we will see. I love all things “rustic” and “farmhouse” so I am hoping to pull some inspiration from those types of things.

As always, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my little blog! I hope you all have a wonderful day!!



One Skein Textured Infinity Scarf

Hi guys!

I have been thinking about creating a pattern for some time now but have been kind of scared to since I’ve never done it before. I knew that I wanted to create something simple and easy enough for a beginner. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of other patterns out there like this one or even easier ones but I just thought this one would be fun. It has a lot of texture and is a good length. You can wear it long or wrapped around your neck once to create a cowl style scarf. I did have my mom test this pattern since she’s an amazing knitter and maker in general. We found that this pattern is super versatile and is super easy to change up. So huge shout out to my mom. Please check out her etsy store (as well as mine. Just click the “SHOP” link) here.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • One skein of 328 yrds medium worsted weight yarn
  • Straight knitting needles US size 8 (5mm)
  • Yarn needle for joining and weaving in ends
  • Scissors


  • St = stitches
  • K1, P1 = Knit One, Pearl One


  • Cast on 35 stitches
  • K1, P1 for 10 rows working in a “ribbed” pattern. So, when you turn your work and it looks like the first st is K1 then K1, if it looks like a P1, then P1. That’s how I did it.
  • Knit next 10 rows
  • Continue to alternate every 10 rows until almost whole skein is used, leaving a long tail for joining ends to create an infinity scarf.
  • Once desired length is reached, cast off as normal and tie off
  • If you have a little tail in the beginning of work, weave in to hide.
  • Fold your work in half, matching the ends together and with your yarn needle attached to the long tail, sew the ends together by weaving the long tail through several stitches, starting at one end weaving back and forth to the other end.
  • Tie a knot and weave back through a couple of stitches to hide the tail and trim off excess yarn if still long.

Here are a couple of notes:

  1. I ended my scarf with 10 rows of knit so that when joined, the pattern is consistent. That did leave me with enough yarn to do another 10 rows of K1, P1 but not enough to leave a long tail after that. So for me, and my comfort zone, I make sure I have enough for a 8-12″ long tail. That might be too much but I’d rather know I have plenty for joining rather than find out I don’t have enough.
  2. Edges will be wavy. Don’t freak out if you find that your edges are wavy this happens because of alternating the 2 different stitches without creating a border or frame. I think it gave it a little added texture and turned out pretty cute.
  3. If you are just learning to knit I linked a couple of youtube videos of how to cast on, and how to bind off. I really like these videos the best. They are easy to follow!


That’s it! It looks like a lot of steps but it really is easy, I promise! Here is how mine turned out:


If you decide to make this scarf be sure to post a picture of how it turned out and let me know if you found it easy. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section. Don’t forget to check out mine and my mom’s etsy shops and favorite them so you will be up to date on what we have created. You can also follow me on instagram to see what I am currently working on. Thanks!